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Congratulations Stella on your new adventure! Jax is still upset that Carmen ditched him. I would left much earlier, or not even gone with him. Katie tells Kristina how nice the wedding was, even though Kristen and James had a physical fight in the parking lot. Katie is still a little upset about the ring on a string. James tells Lisa that he enjoyed the night, until his argument with Kristen. James takes the blame for being drunk and aggressive, though I think that Kristen needs to take some responsibility for their issues. Peter and Stassi meet for dinner. They are still friends, even though she hates most of Sur. Stassi seems shocked that the wedding was nice.

Did Jax Taylor Get Another Woman Pregnant While Cheating on Brittany Cartwright?

The following contains spoilers from the Vanderpump Rules Season 6 premiere. Read at your own risk! It’s a brand new season of Vanderpump Rules , and yet the drama feels oddly familiar. In the Season 6 premiere, another birthday party was derailed by yet another cheating allegation. But this may be the most scandalous one yet since the great Kristen -Jax affair of Season 2.

Last week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules titled,” Sex, Lies, and Stassi’s Videotape,” began when Brittany expressed her disappointment in Jax for getting arrested in Hawaii, while Stassi revealed to Kristen that Jax actually had a history of stealing. When the time came for Jax to face Lisa, she suspended him from SUR for his antics.

I selected the Blu-ray from the cupboard and shot a smirk her way. Have you seen those eyes? How do you say no to her, ever? Peyton had one eyebrow raised. Sometimes it results in her being put to bed to calm down, which means she ends up taking a rare afternoon nap, and I get some peace and quiet. She has about three hours of material of that.

Smiling, I took one from her. I pulled the straw off the back, out of the tiny plastic slip, and poked it through the foiled hole in the top. Peyton watched her, lips twitching, as she put her straw in place. Was there such a thing as too much pizza?

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Share Ah, another season at SUR. I then get rage texts from her. Maybe marriage really has changed TomKat. Bonus points to the producers for cutting to a scene of him suggestively shaking a cocktail. Her party is sort of their public debut as a couple, and her outfit is, as always, extra: The birthday girl glides in wearing a gold gown from the bedroom she converted into a walk-in closet.

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Romi Rain – Art of Foreplay: Her friend’s on the phone warning her to stay on her guard because Miss Rain has been known to be inappropriate. Sure enough, the instant she arrives and hears Kristen has a girlfriend, she shuts the computer and unbuttons her blouse. Kristen does her best to refuse Miss Rain, but she can only resist for so long with those big boobs in her face.

After Miss Rain invokes teacher student confidentiality, and tells Kristen what she needs to do to pass, she gropes the teen’s small tits and dominates her pussy, just as Kristen takes a call from her girlfriend.

Did Jax Taylor hook up with Lindsay Lohan, or not? The Vanderpump Rules star is a compulsive liar, he doesn’t even care that that the reality TV show cameras have caught him in numerous lies over the years – it’s almost like he is delusional enough to believe his own lies.

Jax Jones dreams of Calvin collaboration How are Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright still together??? Specifically, Jax wound up in the doghouse for cheating on the Kentucky native with Faith Stowers. Stassi Schroeder Takes “Nazi [ On top of sleeping with another woman, Jack allegedly told his mistress he would “never” marry Brittany. We’ll get to that, and more, in the recap below The episode kicked off with both Brittany and Jax confiding in their friends that they’ve chosen to work through their issues and stay together.

As Cartwright explained to pals Kristen Doute and Katie Maloney, she loves Jax too much to not give their relationship another chance, Mr. Taylor eloquently told his bros, Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval: For a brief moment, things seemed to be alright among Lisa Vanderpump’s staffers as Jax and Brittany planned a housewarming party. They even shared a couple of kisses during a shared shift at SUR. However, it didn’t take long for drama to hit the squad once more.

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December 27, AT Earlier this year, cocreator Steven Bochco told EW: Very often, Larry Sanders is so funny I have to choke back a guffaw lest I miss the next punchline. The season opener, in which Homer and family left Springfield to work and live in a happy-faced, fascist corporate community was such a dead-on critique of the Disney empire, I swear I heard Rupert Murdoch chuckling.

In other Vanderpump Rules news, Kristen tested Jax’s patience by flying out Brittany’s mom and sister for a visit. She had hoped they’d coax Brittany into breaking up with Jax, but after.

Scroll down for video Still handsome: Rather than the customary green slime, Chris Pratt was coated in cream pie at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday The year-old action star’s biceps bulged under his grey henley shirt as Norman and his co-stars came in for the kill. Jace – who plays Henry Hart on the superhero sitcom – said: How are you doing? Yeah we just wanted to welcome you to the Kids’ Choice Yeah we just wanted to welcome you’: The year-old action star’s biceps bulged under his grey henley shirt as Norman and his co-stars came in for the kill Ouch!

The blond teen then violently slapped the lovable Parks and Recreation hunk across the face That’s when Ella, Riele, and Sean pummeled poor Pratt with precisely five more pies. But Chris only sought revenge against his first assailant, splatting merengue on top of Norman’s noggin.

Ep 24: Reunion – Part 3

All about Reality TV Shows! And then the cycle of confusing friendships continues again. Jax did not hold back during his appearance on the MEL Conversation podcast. You know what they say about not throwing stones if you live in glass houses.

“She’s got the hook on point and we’re working on the bridge right now.” And it wasn’t just Lala that served as a muse for the lyrical content of the song. It was also his break-up with Kristen Doute that served as inspiration for the song.

I keep reading everywhere that the majority of viewers saw the scene with Jax seeing Collette and that other guy together as him being upset that she was with another guy … I don’t know. Maybe CH just did a bad job at acting in the scene, but his expression just looked neutral to me. He made a huge mistake. It has not happened again and, until I see it on my screen, it will never happen again. Wishful thinking on my part? And even though he has said that SOA will not get a happy ending, I don’t think that necessarily means that we will lose our couple.

Will Tara lose Jax.

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He has sex with them. What can I say about this book without sounding like a complete loony. I fell in love with this book like most girls fall in love with chocolate; delighted, with a feeling of finding a new best friend.

Season 5 Episode 1 Preview: Stassi and Kristen grill Schwartz about where his allegiance lies.

Just when you thought this season of Vanderpump Rules couldn’t get any more scandalous, our favorite SUR squad goes and proves us wrong. This time, the crew was abuzz with rumors that exes Kristen Doute and James Kennedy hooked up during their trip to Mexico. Kristen and James both denied that the alleged hookup took place during Monday night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules. He did not say it. Kristen Doute Sure Has Some Thoughts Kristen is referring to the moment when Tom Sandoval asked James if he had hung out with Kristen the night before their golf outing, to which he replied, “I mean, a little bit, but not really.

Kristen said on WWHL that her “brain exploded” when she realized that James had never actually said that they hooked up, especially since she became so upset with him, to the point where she threw a drink in his face during one group dinner in Mexico. Though Kristen took out her frustration on several members of the Vanderpump Rules crew during the episode, she said that she was the most angry with Sandoval and Jax Taylor during the whole ordeal.

Check out a sneak peek, below. Vanderpump Rules Next on Vanderpump Rules: Is Jax Close to Getting Fired?

Vanderpump Rules Recap: Hot Tub Slime Machine

This makes Pastagate look like a trivial feud. Well, from serial cheater and pathological liar Jax Taylor, of course. After learning that Scheana Marie tried to set up Brittany with another SURver, it appears that he felt the need to stir shit far away from his front door. We say this, because the Kennedy-Doute liaison gossip all started with Jax.

After engaging in a tequila-fueled all-nighter, Kristen and James found themselves hanging out in the pool around 7: When are they gonna stop painting Kennedy as a cheater??

James tries to remain in Jax’s favor by exposing Scheana’s role in hooking up Brittany with the hot new barback, Stassi and Kristen clash over Kristen’s vacation meltdowns, and Lisa predicts that a volatile romantic triangle at SUR will end explosively.

And I think the best back stories still focus on action, on seeing what the character does. Sometimes the most important actions a character does are in the past. Guest Oscar fidgeted on the front stoop before finally ringing the buzzer. He shook his head in embarrassment and shuffled across the street to the correct address. He followed a group of three women inside the building without ever saying a word.

His shoulders slumped when he heard them giggle. The party was on the roof of a renovated warehouse in Tribeca. The department managers were such suck ups. Oscar walked to the open bar and ordered a scotch. He drank it alone in the only secluded cloister of chairs which sat next to the noisy air handler unit. After a few minutes of unsocial-like behavior, Oscar headed to the restroom. He did his business and washed his hands; twice.