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Hook Up Trickle Charger I want to trickle charge my RV batteries which are connected to. How do I hookup 1 solar panel to trickle charge my 2 connected RV batteries. Hooking up trickle charger C6 Corvette General Discussion. Please be advised that if you want to make a one-time online payment, CUNY recently changed the process. I have a Battery Tender and hooked it up to my new used, but new to me boat which has dual batteries and a perko switch.

Can you hook up more than 1 battery charger to a car battery?

Plastic tube optional Zip-ties x First I found a location for the Charger to mount that would allow its to reach the positive battery terminal and ground. In many cases these wires will come with ring terminals factory installed but I had exchanged these with alligator clips when I first got the charger. The Charger Mount is nothing more than an L-bracket with a couple holes to bolt on the Charger. I found that the bracket would slide underneath the battery but on top of the battery tray.

Between the pressure of the battery strap and the lip of the battery tray the Mount is snugly secured. With the Charger mounted in place and double checking the Charger leads were sufficient length to reach the battery terminals it was time to beef up the strain relief.

Hook up the end of the leads to the terminal of the charger, making sure to attach the red of the lead wire to the red charger hook-up. Next, attach the black lead wire to the black charger hook up.

Even worse, perhaps you have found yourself out on your boat and then you end up with a dead battery and no way to get it charged enough to get you home. Either of these situations is possible for the average boater. Those who have been caught before know that a 3 bank marine battery charger can make all the difference. This type of charger keeps power within easy reach.

Charging is easy and it works off of a simple volt household plug in. Simply plug in the deep cycle marine battery charger and it will begin to fill up all three banks. If you leave it on charge at all times, it will turn off the charge when all three banks are full.

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How to charge a battery An average car battery has a capacity of around 48 amp hours which means that, fully charged, it delivers 1 amp for 48 hours, 2 amps for 24 hours, 8 amps for 6 hours and so on. A basic charger usually charges at around 2 amps – and so needs 24 hours to deliver the 48 amps needed to fully charge a flat, 48 amp hour battery. But there is a wide range of chargers with different charge rates on the market – from 2 to 10 amps.

The higher the charge output, the faster a flat battery is recharged.

May 08,  · I do not have to do anything except hook up a charger – and the charger takes care of the rest (fully automatic) a battery charge indicator. When the sun is shining, the battery gets anywhere from a slightly over 1 amp charge to a trickle charge. I do not have to do anything. they make them up to 10 bank if you want to charge.

I have an Itasca motorhome with two volt batteries wired parallel. I have been dry camping with this rig and have nearly run down the coach batteries after a few days. When that happens I have to start my RV generator which runs on propane to charge the coach batteries up some. I thought I remember you saying that this is not very effective. Is running the RV engine more effective or taking it out and driving it a little?

I am also thinking of buying a portable watt generator that I can just connect to the coach batteries and charge them in place. My plan is to buy the little generator and connect to the coach batteries in place without unhooking the battery cables. I have been told I can charge the two coach batteries together by hooking the positive clip to the positive terminal of one battery and the negative clip to the negative post of the other battery.

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In fact, after multiple uses, batteries tend to lose charge, which is why a trickle charger is a great idea to keep on hand. A trickle charger, according to Wikipedia, is a charger that fully charges a battery at a rate that is equal to the self-discharge rate, which leaves your battery at a fully charged level. Trickle chargers are ideal for all sorts of battery types including car batteries, motorcycle batteries, boat batteries, and ATV batteries. Since many people own these types of vehicles, trickle chargers have become important in the automotive world to keep batteries fresh and ready for a ride.

A few chargers even start the egg-timer from the point where the charger boots up. regardless of SOC or attained voltage or how long it spent at absorption voltage the charger drops to float based on the egg-timer running out.

This depends on how fast you want to charge your battery and the size of the actual battery you are charging. The higher the amp setting, the faster your battery will charge. Check your battery specifications for the charge rate. Certain batteries like deep-cycle batteries with a Group Size of 27 or higher may require a amp charge rate or higher to be charged. Why doesn’t my battery charger shut off in the 2-amp position when charging my vehicle or deep-cycle battery?

The 2-amp charge rate is intended for small batteries such as motorcycles, snowmobiles and lawn garden tractors.


Originally Posted by dirtinla I understand how to wire up the 3 wire alternator. The number 1 wire goes to a resistor or dash light and is suppose to glow when not charging. That wire goes to a dash light.

May 01,  · Deep cycle battery, hooked up to a dc/ac inverter, with a battery tender plugged in. Not efficient at all, but it would be a way to utalize a true trickle charger. You would just have to charge the deep cycle inside and carry it out to the bike to charge the small battery.

If we have a maHr battery, we would charge it at 60 ma for 10 to 12 hours. If we had a 60 AHr battery we would charge it at 6 amps for 10 to 12 hours. Needless to say, most lead acid charges are of the “dump-as-much-as-you-can-as-fast-as-you-can” variety. This type of charging is ok for liquid lead acid batteries but not for NiCds or for Gel Cells.

While Gel Cells can handle much more recharge current than NiCds they can not handle as much as liquid lead acid. This came about from the fact that a normal lead acid battery charger starts off at six to 10 amps and as the battery becomes charged falls down to the one amp range. This is a perfectly acceptable charging method for lead acid batteries, even gel cells as long as the maximum current can be handled by the gel cell. The idea of a trickle charger is that it can be left charging the battery continuously without fear of damage to the battery.

Most NiCd batteries will self discharge in about 3 months, or about 90 days. This rule is used for all rechargeable batteries that I am familiar with. I am not yet familiar with the newer rechargeable Alkaline batteries. An important point is that neither liquid or gel cell lead acid batteries have this high a self discharge rate, and in fact some well designed NiCds don’t either.

MY DESIGN As I described before, a trickle charger can be of two types, one that always supplies the trickle rate of current, or the one that starts higher but ends up at the trickle rate. The design and electronics for the continuous trickle charger is more involved and more expensive and require transformers of much higher voltages.

Schumacher MC-1 6/12 Volt Manual Trickle Battery Charger

Automatically charges and maintains the battery in your dinghy vehicle or “Toad” while you’re towing it. Eliminates battery discharge problems due to leaving the ignition switch on, supplemental braking systems, etc. Prevents Dinghy Battery Drain when towing behind your motorhome. Powerful 10 Amp Output solves the toughest discharge problems. Complete – nothing Else To Buy.

Apr 25,  · I picked up an onboard trickle charger at Harbor Freight today: I’m also going to post another thread asking about a dual-battery setup and trickle charger to see if there’s anyone who’s doing that. Thanks, Sean. When parking, I just pop the hood and hook up the extension. No more drained batteries for me! Sean. sbaker, Apr 25, #

Thread Starter Battery Trickle Charger pre-wiring install For our friends that have long winters or those who store their vehicles, who wish to have a battery trickle charger while the vehicle “hibernates”, this thread is for you. I also decided to install the ring mount pre-wiring that came with the battery charger as I didn’t want to deal with the battery clamps.

Below is a pix of the completed pre-wire install: The blue arrows point to the negative wire. This has been threaded through an unused rubber grommet in the firewall to the battery compartment, highlighted by purple circle and routed to one of the factory ground in the engine compartment the bolt is highlighted by a round orange circle in the pix to the right. The negative wire is also anchored by plastic tie and covered with soft rubber at this junction green circle.

The covered connector for the trickle charger is highlighted by the yellow circle to the left of the pix. This connector may be threaded out the vent at the front side of the battery cover if so desired. I probably will tuck this near the vent so that it is easy to locate and fish out with one hand. If not the battery cover is easy to remove anyways just turn the three twist anchors 90 degress to release, one in front and two in the rear.

Make sure to insulate the ratchet wrench while working to loosen the bolt at the positive terminal of the car battery. I used a small PVC tube that fits into the handle of the wrench.

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MG MGB Technical – Trickle charger hook up I want to put a small trickle charger to the battery to keep it in good condition when not in use. The car is a late model rubber bumper roadster. Where can I connect it to without having to lift up the battery access panel. What wires are suitable under the bonnet? Cheers for any advice AdrianS Can you not plug it in to the cigar lighter if you have one?

Nov 21,  · I think you want a Battery Maintainer and not the trickle charger. There is a difference to your batteries. Here; Model 12V Amp I am not sure what you mean by hooking up a charger and block heater to your inlet!!

The second goes into the chemistry. The trickle charger prevents sulphide on the lead plates of the battery. This helps prolong the life of the battery. However a qote from the second website makes me wonder if it’s best not to keep it on the charger. When charging is complete batteries should be removed from the charger. Nicads are generally the most robust type with respect to overcharging and can be left on trickle charge for very long periods since their recombination process tends to keep the voltage down to a safe level.

The constant recombination keeps internal cell pressure high, so the seals gradually leak. It also keeps the cell temperature above ambient, and higher temperatures shorten life. So life is still better if you take it off the charger. Lead acid batteries are slightly less robust but can tolerate a short duration trickle charge. Flooded batteries tend to use up their water, and SLAs tend to die early from grid corrosion. Lead-acids should either be left sitting, or float-charged held at a constant voltage well below the gassing point.

NiMH cells on the other hand will be damaged by prolonged trickle charge.

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