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The ten active lemon writers, regardless of writing specialty, that I consider to be the ten best lemon writers on this site Excluding Myself: Fairy Tail lemons, particularly involving Natsu 4. Fairy Tail Lemons 6. Fairy Tail Lemons 8. Fairy Tail Lemons 9. In all fairness, lemons have continued to be made since the last CU controversial removal of lemons throughout the site three years ago in June so they’ve no one to blame but themselves for things as they are. If you agreed, post this on your page and encourage your friends alike to do the same. If anyone is familiar with any or all of the game series that are listed below, PM me and we’ll discuss any ideas you may have. I have consulted with several people who work in different areas of the law including, a contact at the ACLU, a published writer, and a law professor, among others. One This site is not a non-profit site.

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The ten active lemon writers, regardless of writing specialty, that I consider to be the ten best lemon writers on this site Excluding Myself: Fairy Tail lemons, particularly involving Natsu 4. Fairy Tail Lemons 6. Fairy Tail Lemons 8.

Nashi dragneel have a dating job in public. It was sick. V i was the street on a secret, the most of the biggest play boy., not expect him secretly dating lucy have been exactly a small signature that read ‘from fairy tail nalu.

Since I was little, I’ve wanted to be a part of Fairy Tail. Thanks to my best friend Natsu. Natsu is a fire dragon slayer, or better said Salamander. The games are over now, the eclipse portal was closed off, which stopped most of the dragons all but seven, which are gone. Sadly, none of the dragon slayers managed to slay a dragon and Natsu and I along with our guild are returning things back to normal.

Or, at least that’s what we’re calling it until we think of something better to define our lives. I know everyone wants everything to go back to the usual, I get that. I am in love with my best friend, Natsu. But he is with Lisanna, so its not like I can ever tell him how I feel. No, my unrequitted love for him will die along with me, because as much as it hurts to say it, they are happy together.

I cannot even imagine ruining that. Part of me resents Lisanna, for being missing for those three years and then just being accepted back like she had never left. The other part of me scolded myself.

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However, the heartwarming moment quickly becomes a torturous event when Lucy climbs up on his shoulders and starts crushing his temples. She continues to torture him and only stops after Lisanna tells her to. Seeing Lisanna, Natsu and Happy begin to cry and try to hug her but Lucy stops them, asking him when he became Animal-like. Shortly after the Royal army arrives, Fairy Tail manages to teleport away to another location. On the way, she saves them from a giant frog when the group realizes that they can’t use their Magic, and angrily retaliates when both Wendy and Happy call her the ‘scarier’ Lucy.

When Carla asked why she came along, Lucy stutters, saying that she will show Natsu and the others the way.

Natsu and Lucy have been dating secretly since everyone had been igno Fanfiction. Fairy tail meme Fairy tail quotes Fairy tail lucy Fairy tail girls Fairy Tail (couples) Fairy Tail, Natsu and Lucy- I’m fighting the need to ship this ship, I still ship NaLi and LoLu most.

Saturday, August 11, 1: What if he was closer to Sasuke? When Kakashi blows Naruto off, Naruto strives to get stronger and an unknown fiance appears in his life. Uzumaki Clan’s Rebirth by G3rMan reviews Naruto has gained knowledge of his heritage, and of a bloodline thought extinct. Failure by Liffae reviews Team 7 didn’t pass the bell test. AU where Issei is reincarnated as an Angel. Flashback story to The Maelstrom and Holy Inquisitor to all subsequent entries.

I Hate You I have my mentor to thank for introducing me to this kickass metal group. However the title, “Ninjas of Love,” seems to imply a much I just said it wrongly! The Kyuubi and the Sensory Mage reviews Naruto is brought in by Crime Sorciere to collect three rare jewels that hold the key to restoring Jellal’s powers that were drained in the battle with Acnologia. You have been warned. Teeetoootaaaas iguales que las de mi tia, hoy me la voy a coger si o si Everything CM:

Does Gray like Juvia?

Report Story Lucy P. It’s been almost a year since I became a member and I love it. I went through many adventures, made new friends and discover things everyday.

anime, art, and fairy tail image. Find this Pin and more on Fairy tail ships by LadyofAwakening. Lucy and Natsu as the wolf and red riding hood Not chalking this one up to mature content either, since there’s not anything particularly “showing” here. despite all implications.

He is the younger brother of Zeref Dragneel, having originally died years ago, being subsequently revived as his brother’s most powerful Etherious: Natsu is also among the five Dragon Slayers sent to the future from four hundred years past, having an additional purpose in the assistance of the defeat of Acnologia. Natsu is also the uncle of August. Natsu is a lean, muscular young man of average height with a slightly tan skin tone, black eyes, spiky pink-colored hair, and has abnormal sharp canines; Natsu has a scar on the right side of his neck, hidden by his scarf.

Following his intense battle with the Rogue Cheney of the future, Natsu gains a cross-shaped scar on the left side of his abdomen, a result of the two fatal wounds the man dealt to him during their altercations. He later attains a new scar, this one being a jagged blemish on his right cheek, which he gained following his battle with Zeref. Natsu’s guild mark is red and is located just below his right shoulder. Natsu’s main outfit consists of a sleeveless, gold trimmed, black waistcoat, often left open and untucked, exposing his bare chest, a gold trimmed, black cloth around his waist that reaches his knees, held by a leather brown belt with an oval-shaped silver buckle, white knee-length trousers, a thick black wristband on his left wrist, black open-toed sandals and the scale-patterned scarf he received from his adoptive father, Igneel.

He has also been known to wear a rolled up comforter strapped across his back, though he rarely carries it in battle. In the year X , Natsu’s attire receives minor changes. He now wears an open-collared, one-sleeved version of his original waistcoat, which is instead tucked in and zipped.

Natsu has a Girlfriend?!(Fairy Tail fanfic)

I don’t own Fairy Tail….. Everything was going as it usually does. Fairy tail was also as loud as it could be.

Fairy Tail Lucy Fairy Tail Guild Fairy Tail Nalu Fairy Tail Ships Fairy Tail Comics Fairy Tail Quotes Natsu And Lucy Fariy Tail Fairy Tail Couples. Dad level: 4 secretly teary eyes at the end of Homeward Bound.

It was definitely not the first, and will most probably never be the last. And what better way to spend the night with Natsu. Lucy thinks they accepts everybody. Team Natsu accepted her. She thinks they did it out of pi Takes place two years after the first book.

Natsu has a Girlfriend?!(Fairy Tail fanfic)

There used to be a theory that Ichigo wasn’t special until Rukia transferred her power to him. This was despite him having the power to see spirits since birth. However, the theory was jossed when the Shattered Shaft training stating categorically that Ichigo had possessed shinigami power since birth that had been locked away until Rukia’s power nudged it awake. Kubo Tite finally jossed a theory that was very popular with parts of the fandom who believed Ichigo looked like Kaien because he was Kaien’s reincarnation.

Parts of the fandom believed the theory was jossed when it was learned that Metastacia was consumed by Aaroniero and with it, Kaien’s soul. However, Aaroniero actually consumed Kaien’s spiritual body, not his soul.

Fairy Tail – Natsu, Gajeel, Gray, Levy, Lucy and Juvia Gajeel is secretly a softie and nobody will be telling me otherwise. Ever. Nalu fanfiction this is not in the manga Natsu is still alive ok i repeat Natsu is still Alive Găsește acest Pin și încă altele în Fairy tail de la cartoon girl.

You guys are acting incredibly retarded! It’s stupid to fight like that, and incredibly immature. So to settle this dispute, and that mean comment about Lucy, I decided to post. Here it goes- 1. Gray isn’t fully interested in anyone romantically. To Gray and Natsu, Erza is their ‘sister’. They love her like that, and would want to protect her. Lucy is not as stupid or weak as everyone says. She’s actually strong for a Stellar Spirit mage, and a lot nicer to them and others, too. I would like for me to stop dissing her, just because they’re jealous of her body.

Erza has feelings for Jellal, and he has them for her.

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Report Story Just to say that all of my stories are going to be updated on a Sunday from now on with little surprise updates here and there. Except not tonight which is Sunday for me as I just came back from camp and I haven’t slept in 48 hours. It was the day of the first concert and I was exited as I woke up in my bed. I had tossed and turned all night but had finally got to sleep in the early hours of the morning.

Natsu x Lucy x male Lisanna please After fairy tail disbanded Mira decided to have some alone time with lisanna Sting x female rogue- what if rogue was secretly a girl and sting finds out what will happen to there friendship will there still be friends or something more.

Mira says there’ll be something interesting soon!! I’ll get changed, okay? There was an awkward moment of silence where Natsu stared at Lucy while Lucy sighed. Natsu let out an indignant howl as he landed, scowling. Who said Lucy wasn’t strong? Finally, after about an eternity to Natsu, Lucy emerged from her apartment, beaming. She was clad in a tiny red tank top with flames at the bottom, and a black poofy skirt, along with red heels. Natsu normally didn’t care what Lucy wore, but he had to admit, he liked her top.

Grumbling about how his butt hurts from the ground, Natsu followed Lucy, secretly pleased that she agreed to come with him. There was a chorus of ‘okay’s from the members of Fairy Tail, and Mira was pleased. Simply speaking, find youself a partner, and join the contest. The teams are required to act like a couple, and I’ll be the judge.

Well, try to win points with me, eh? Team with the highest number of points win , jewels!

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