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Gather your photos, paper, scissors and adhesive to begin preserving those memories. There are many free resources available to help with layouts and designs to save you time and energy. Creating Keepsakes Creating Keepsakes is not only a magazine but a useful website for scrapbookers. Some of the free items offered by CK online include page layouts, expert techniques and tips, journaling solutions, updates on new products and contests. This section contains downloadable sketches to make it easier to complete the free page layout at home. This blog also contains free how-to advice for scrapbooking projects.

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There are tips on relationships, dating , gifts , conversation starters , communication , getaways , food recipes , movies, songs , games , and more on love and romance. Indeed, love and romance form an important part of our lives, and it thus makes much sense to jazz up this aspect of our lives as much as we can. Let’s make our love life and love relationship that much more special! Click to go direct to each different topic.

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Download this sheet of cutouts. Organize Your Scrapbook Ideas Organization is key when creating scrapbooks, especially with a new baby in the house. The following tips will help you stay organized. Keep Files If you’re a new mom, you probably won’t have time to scrapbook your baby’s photos on a regular basis. Purchase a large accordion file to keep track of your ideas for your baby’s scrapbook. Jot down journaling ideas as they come to you, and then paperclip them to the corresponding photos before tossing them in your file.

When you’re ready to scrapbook, you’ll have everything you need to create a meaningful keepsake. Keep Formatting Simple Another great way to stay organized while creating your baby’s scrapbook is to structure your album in a month-by-month format. Instead of planning to create several separate layouts, simply do a coordinating two-page spread for every month of your baby’s first year. If you received a baby’s first year calendar as a baby shower gift, you can even incorporate your calendar pages into this album to supplement your journaling.

Create Page Outlines It’s a good idea to outline your ideas before starting the baby scrapbook.

Washi Tape Is the Necessity Your DIY Arsenal Is Missing

Serving a variety of purposes, they catalogue photographs, events, and journaling, as well as organize mounds of papers and stacks of pictures that have taken up space around your home. In addition to serving these concrete purposes, they are artistic and perhaps even therapeutic. Allowing crafters an outlet for their creations, they incorporate paper crafting skills.

Putting order to words and photographs, they help focus and clear the mind. Taking these two pluses into consideration, why wouldn’t everyone start creating a scrapbook? For some folks the reason is fear.

Dating related titles and fun sayings for scrapbooking layouts, papercrafting projects and handmade cards.

Maritime The seagulls are squawking, the waves are crashing and the sun is shining — for the Maritime collection , happiness comes in waves. These nautical scrapbook supplies can transport you to the beach any time you look at them, and the soft and soothing colors relax you the second you lay eyes on them. So many people spend their summer days by the water, and those days bring tons of memories with them. This collection is also good for commemorating those who serve in the Navy or the Coast Guard.

People go to the sea for a multitude of reasons, and those who feel a sense of duty deserve just as much recognition in your scrapbook as your fun summertime memories. The Maritime collection keeps true to the theme of the sea while also giving you plenty of pages to cherish the strength of your loved ones who have served on the sea. Locally Grown Do you love the sounds, smells, tastes and feel of the farmers market on a sunny Saturday morning?

The Locally Grown collection has everything you need to create the ultimate foodie scrapbook.

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When you’re wading through Pinterest ideas in search of your next big project, you come across a lot of crap. This unfortunate situation sometimes makes it hard to decipher which DIYs are a waste of time and which ones are legit — and leads you to skip over some pins that might be cool. For instance, how many times have you glossed over washi tape crafts simply because you weren’t really sure what washi tape even is?

The Dating Divas website features creative ideas for date nights, quick and easy romance, free printables, and DIY crafts. I am blown away by not only their fantastic ideas, but also their passion for helping couples keep the spark alive in their relationship.

Privacy Policy Scrapbooking Quotes Oops, facing a scrapbook page with missing words? Scrapbooking quotes to the rescue! Quotes are great thoughts, wisdom or wit condensed into brief lines expressed by someone else. When chosen thoughtfully, a quote can help you clearly expressed your inner feelings and thoughts, probably in fewer words too. To you, maybe the journaling part is the hardest.

Do you have the same concern? Quotes can be a good solution. Quotes are great space fillers. You believe that some wise words from a famous person can act as a piece of valuable advice. Quotes can lend an element of fun, inspiration, laughter, or sentimentality to your scrapbook pages. Are these reasons good enough to make you want to include a scrapbooking quote to your next layout?

Baby Sleeping – Scrapbook Page Layout Ideas

Varnish Jigsaw Puzzles You can easily make jigsaw puzzles from paper or a photo mounted on heavy paper or foam board. Since so many people enjoy doing puzzles, these are a great idea for craft fairs or as a home-based business since not everyone wants to spend the time or invest the money into a jigsaw puzzle cutter.

Unique wooden jigsaw puzzles are highly sought after crafts for children and adults alike at craft events. You can easily make wooden puzzles with a scroll saw. If you are more high tech, you can make your photos jigsaw puzzles with a printable puzzle template. Whether you choose paper or wood to make your jigsaw puzzles, you will need:

It is tempting to jump in and start gluing, but take a few minutes to plan your scrapbook first. Establish the theme of the book. Perhaps it will tell the story of how you met or detail your favorite dates and events.

Ensure your album and photos last as long as your relationship by using archival-safe materials and storing the project in a dry place out of direct sunlight. First Meeting Chronicle the story of how you met with scrapbook layouts dedicated to the people who fixed you up, where you were when you first saw each other or your first impressions of each other. Include images of each of you before you met and handwrite text to display beside the photos that details what your lives were like before you met and how your attitude about dating changed when you saw each other.

First Date Create relationship album pages that detail the romance, mishaps or meaningful moments from your first date. Include items such as ticket stubs from a movie, a takeout menu from the restaurant where you dined or a note from the flowers that your significant other brought you on the first date. Attach the envelope across the bottom of the page with double-sided tape and use it to store assorted items. Use the envelope technique to store memorabilia on other scrapbook pages, as well.

Promoted by Memorable Adventures Document the events, occasions and adventures that have helped you bond as a couple. Create layouts featuring photos from vacations, family gatherings, parties with friends, romantic dinners or quiet evenings at home, for example.

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Our easy craft ideas for seniors are perfect for all abilities. Welcome to “Crafts Central Get a variety of ideas with affordable craft supplies. This page points you to crafts for parties, seasonal and holiday crafts, fun food crafts, crafts for gifts, and more.

Scrapbook theme ideas help make your albums tell a story, be cohesive, and they help you pick embellishments and designer series papers to fit in with your intent. I put together some ideas .

Crafts Scrapbooking Kids Any excuse to use stickers and this child of the ’80s is in. I think stickers were the gateway drug for my scrapbooking addiction. I know what you’re thinking… A Scrapbooking ranks right up there with painted wooden figurines of geese in bonnets as far as ‘hip’ crafts go. Second, this could be the way to make up for that second child’s glaring lack of baby book and give you an excuse to buy stickers as an adult.

Jennifer Perkins Jennifer Perkins Most parents are overzealous cell phone photographers as is. Take us on a vacation and we really go nuts. Oftentimes, a majority of those pictures aren’t necessarily ‘framers’ on their own. Plastic page protectors come as one big sheet or in a series of smaller pockets that are perfect for telling an amazing vacation story with several not-so-awesome pictures. Jennifer Perkins Jennifer Perkins Sometimes one picture can say it all.

Even a small road trip, a weekend at Grandma’s or a visit to a local museum can seem like a special occasion when laid out.

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This post contains affiliate links. Other then that — you just need the printables. I have them linked up below in the steps where you will need them. I like to use this site to find mine but there are all sorts of websites out there that showcase song lyrics. You can bold the title, change different parts of the song to a different font, or even add color! Once you have it exactly the way you want it, copy the entire song and paste it over and over again in your document so the entire page is covered.

Scrapbooking Paper Ideas Family Tree Editors August 20, updated on August 18, Paper is flat, but it can still add a whole new dimension to your scrapbook pages.

Decorate each page with pictures, stickers, ticket stubs, and maps of your favorite destinations together. You can also journal each page with how you felt at certain points in your relationship. Leave several pages blank for future events and activities. Memory Box Purchase a plain memory box from a craft store; a shoebox would also work. Use your creativity to decorate the box, including stickers, scrapbooking die cuts, or even decoupage.

On the outside, write a love poem or quotes, or paste on your favorite picture of the both of you. Inside, place mementos of your time together such as pictures or ticket stubs. He can add new items to the box in the future. Collage Take your favorite pictures as a couple, and create a collage on heavy cardstock paper. Frame your collage, or add a cardboard backing and picture hanger.

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