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Have a Drink, Sweetheart by Ellana-san reviews Collection of tumblr hayffie prompts that I was asked for. You can leave me one at ellanainthetardis Hunger Games – Rated: M – English – Romance – Chapters: Home by RollTodd reviews Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen travel northward to fight for their home, their people, and each other. This is an ongoing piece set after the final episode of Season 7, but contains descriptive and historical elements from the books. Told from multiple characters’ perspectives but focusing on Jon and Daenerys. Game of Thrones – Rated: Return Engagement by Misophonia reviews Moriarty’s back and, with his return, comes danger to those closest to Sherlock Holmes. This time, that includes Molly Hooper.

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Darkfangz13 Mycroft Holmes worries about Sherlock Several snapshots of the relationship between Mycroft and Lestrade from stranger, to friend, to The constants of their changing feelings and actions. Mycroft was the first to break the silence. You cannot do this. I met Lestrade first.

“But dating demands sufficient time spent together.” “That’s the thing about dating, Sherlock.” John sighed back. “You’re worried he’s going to spend all his time with me instead of giving cases to you.” Mycroft said, more a statement than a question. “I do not rely solely on Scotland Yard for cases, Mycroft.” Sherlock snapped back.

From the day Sherlock could count, the clock on his wrist had confused him. Sherlock could see that it was down to all zeros. She crouched down next to him and took his wrist in her hand, glancing down at it for a moment. Then, the clock will say zero. His tone was near disgusted. Later on, as he managed his way through boredom and bullies and endless hours of school, he started hearing more about it.

I have always loved Sherlock and his John

Learn from His MentorsWhile Frost may not have a tremendous amount of coaching experience on his own, he has been able to observe some of the great coaches in recent football history. Sure, nothing can substitute for actual experience. But the amount of exposure Frost has had to https:

Mycroft says to Sherlock in “The Sign of Three Breaking the Pattern and Ending the Dating Act. Lifestyle. Restaurant review: Soul Sunday lunch at Madison, London. 7 November, 14 November, Tim Firmager Comment.

If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing”. Paul, 1 Corinthians Love is the most important value of all. Everyone needs to love and be loved in return. This trope applies when a character’s main motivation is to love, be loved or both. Because the word “love” can apply in many situations and circumstances, the ancient Greeks divided the concept of love into four different types later expanded upon by C.

Lewis in his The Four Loves: It’s usually, but not always, reciprocated. The archetype of storge is mother’s love for her children – and the children’s love for mum. Lewis says storge is a very basic human need, comparing it to food – if you think you can do without , it’s not a good sign, just like lack of appetite can be medically alarming.

Geelong & Surf Coast Veterans’ Centre

As you may have noticed, this blog has gone into somewhat of a long-term hiatus mode. I no longer read as much Sherlock fic as I used to, and unfortunately I can therefore no longer keep up this blog. However, this blog will remain online as an archive of fic for those of you who might be interested. There was a Sherlock fic I read a long time ago that I’m trying to find. John, Greg, and Mycroft track Sherlock down and they find him working in an animal shelter with no memory of who he was, unable to deduce, etc.

Characters: John Watson/Sherlock Holmes,Sherlock Holmes/Jim Moriarty, Mycroft Holmes, Victor Trevor, Mummy, Sally Donovan, Anderson Summary: King Siger I made a secret promise that one of his grandchildren would marry a grandchild of his truest friend and life savior Frederick Watson as gratitude.

But to truly understand why Sherlock has been so popular, one has to go back to the very beginning. To Sherlock Holmes, the world is a puzzle waiting to be solved; a mass of data from which the truth — however improbable — can always be isolated. The roots of this approach lie in the work of Dr Joseph Bell, the Edinburgh University surgeon who taught his students how to read the human body — to use a callus or a tattoo to yield the biography of a living patient or a cadaver on the slab.

If empirical reasoning could detect a murderer, why not the presence of a wandering soul? Adaptors of Holmes have rarely tampered with this facility. The Seven Percent Solution, the film that depicts Holmes as a drug fiend and Professor Moriarty as the innocent victim of his delusions, is a lonely exception. Basil Rathbone cracked totalitarianism case by case, exposing Haw-Haws and fifth columnists in a wartime England confected on a Hollywood sound stage. Guy Liddell of MI5 took great exception to the idea that in comparison to Holmes, British spies were as flat-footed as Scotland Yard detectives.

I had the good luck to be on the set of the very first episode to see Benedict Cumberbatch perform one of his set-piece deductions: Cumberbatch was lying on his back like a customer in an opium den, with the camera gazing into those strange black eyes of his, and unwinding a long skein of words with arresting speed and clarity. Its faintly occult quality was palpable on the studio floor. One of the keenest pleasures of Sherlock is the graphic language it has developed to illustrate the deductive process.

As he looks her over, his gaze releases a cloud of words into the frame: Little wonder that Cumberbatch was cast in a biopic of Julian Assange.

Sherlock: how it became a global phenomenon

This blog will have fanfic devoted to that series alone and no other so when I mention Sherlock Holmes in this fanfic it is Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock Holmes. When I do fanfic it’s mostly going to be about Sherlock Holmes dating, engaged or married. But don’t worry I know all the fan girls out there get very jealous so I will never describe the woman who Sherlock Holmes is dating, engaged or married to she won’t even have a name.

Purchase the book Mycroft Holmes presented Mycroft in a light that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work never did. Abdul-Jabbar and Waterhouse rounded out the character and made him a complex main character in a thrilling detective tale.

You can also find me at AO3 , Fanfiction. Net , and Livejournal. Also, please take note of the warnings and ratings before reading. Luckily Bruce has him covered. Tony Is So Sucking Up! Tony really is sorry he blabbed so much to the others about exactly what he wanted to do with Bruce or to Bruce.

Sherlock Imagines and Preferences (BBC)

The Original Series, and Marvel. Hi I’m Fawn of the Woods I enjoy fictional reading, most sports, and all outdoor activities. I currently have one story but i’ve writen down several more. Fate choosese a Wolf’s Mate is in the works

mystrade fanfic. haruspring88 sent: Can you recommend some fanfiction where Mycroft is a single parent? Or even some Mythea or Mystrade where he’s a new parent? Willa Louise Watson, Greg Lestrade, Mycroft Holmes, Janine (Sherlock), Irene Adler, Original Male Character(s), Original Female Character(s) Series: Part 2 of Willa Louise Watson.

Suddenly Greg had rounded the chair and pulled Mycroft in for a passionate kiss, Mycroft moaning and reaching up to grab Greg by the back of the head. Not even Sherlock’s shouting could stop them. Finally the consulting detective stood and grabbed his coat and scarf. He scowled at his brother and friend before shuddering and leaving. John stared at the door before saying, ‘Er, right. As soon as they were alone, Mycroft dragged Greg to sit on him. Mycroft smiled against his lips. He fell back into John’s armchair and Greg straddled him, rutting against the taller man a few times before licking his hand.

Mycroft pushed in slowly, groaning when he was fully inside Greg. Greg started moving, pulling himself up and down as Mycroft thrust into him. They exchanged sloppy kisses, tongues and lips crashing together in an aim to eat each other’s faces completely. God,’ Mycroft managed, grabbing Greg’s hips to help the man move.

Mycroft Holmes

How Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Is After his retirement, he has become a fixture in the media as well as bookstores. He teamed with seasoned screenwriter Anna Waterhouse in for Mycroft Holmes, a book about the older, and smarter, brother to Sherlock Holmes.

Father!Mycroft x Daughter!Reader x Uncle!Sherlock – Exhausting. A/N: Finally! I finally finished something. God it took me years XD Sorry but there was a lot on my mind the past months, but now everything is going to be better and thank you all for your patience.

The characterizations and voices are perfectly done, with all the humour and drama of the series. They give John a more of an equal share in the partnership than either Doyle or Moffat canon, with plenty of chances for him to demonstrate his abilities as both a medical and military man. Most of the stories are set from and later so as not to conflict with canon, so the guys are slightly older and their relationship is more solid and comfortable than occasionally depicted on screen.

In these stories, they’re right with each other: If you’re sick of waiting for new episodes to come out, these stories should fill the void. My favorite writer for this fandom, this author has a talent for natural characterization. Many of her stories are slightly AU, and most of them are John-centric. The ones that are both tend to focus on how he reacts to canon situations given various alternate backgrounds which seem to spawn A Us of themselves, particularly her Heritage series in which John is a descendant of an earl.

Some humor, some drama, and a few character studies, with stories varying between a few thousand words for the early stories and oneshots and k for the later serieses. Not much in the way of romance. For a good idea of her writing style, start with “Study in Mycroft,” “Study in Lestrade,” “Study in Sherlock,” “Study in John,” four points of view on the first episode, “Brave,” set between TRF and Season 3, and “That Would Work,” one of the earlier stories in which John has an interesting background.

Mycroft: Hide and Kiss ~ Complete (Shall We Date? Guard Me, Sherlock ~ Mini-Game Story)