The 10 most difficult job interview questions (and how to answer them correctly)

Linda Le Phan April 19, Every so often though, an interviewer will throw you for a loop with an oddball question that you probably would have never expected to hear. Job interview questions can run the gamut, but a lot of them are pretty easy to expect. Every so often though, an interviewer will throw you for a loop with an oddball question that you probably would have never expected to hear. In the middle of the clearing is a tree stump with three puzzles on it: You have to solve one of them. Which do you choose, and why? If you could live on any planet besides Earth, which one would it be? Why is a pot hole round? How would you solve this problem: Describe your personality as a flavor of ice cream.

The Six Ways You’re Acting Like a Grad Student (And how that’s killing you on the job market)

I discovered this job vacancy in the Careers section of your website. When I saw the job description and responsibilities, it looked like a great fit for my background and skillset. What about this job interests you? The first thing that caught my eye when I saw this position was that it was [name of company], and the opportunity was located in [name of the city where the job is located].

Dating and interviewing for jobs: Aside from being stressful and potentially awkward, the two might seem to have no correlation.

At my suggestion, she immediately began reaching out to friends and colleagues in an effort to build a network in Colorado and hopefully, land a job. Her co-worker put her in touch with his Colorado-based friend, Joe, who was in the same industry as Meg. Meg promptly contacted Joe and scheduled an informational meeting. On the night before she flew to Denver for a round of coffee dates and networking events, including the meeting with Joe, she called her co-worker.

Meg called me after she got off the phone, mortified and disheartened. Meg was receptive to that approach, but it bears pointing out that the lack of clarity surrounding informational meetings can be incredibly frustrating. How much should you prepare?

10 Interview Questions You Should Never Ask (and 5 You Always Should)

The website lets staff leave anonymous reviews on their employers as well as feedback on everything from the interview process to what the CEO is like. They ranked them based on community feedback — users could tag questions “very difficult,” for example — and offered up a list of the 20 questions that they thought were the toughest. The question was posed to someone applying for the position of “learning and development employee” — presumably a HR role that involves staff training. The question may be trying to gauge the candidate’s empathy skills, which can be important in training, or their own experiences with learning and training.

The company asked this question of a potential management accountant but these types of questions are often asked in management consultancy interviews. The idea is to see how logically candidates think and watch them tackle a problem in real-time.

“From a hiring manager’s perspective, you’re looking for someone who is excited about this role or this company. It’s kind of like dating.

This article is from our friends at LearnVest , a leading site for women and their money. We asked professional recruiters to brief us on the top 10 most common interview questions to scratch off our lists immediately—plus five effective ones to ask instead. The same principle applies to sick time and vacation days. These kinds of questions put people on the defensive, says Kohut.

Keep your confidence intact, and avoid the topic altogether—or at least until you receive an offer. Right now your top priority is selling them on you first. This is an uncomfortable one, says Tolan. Of course you may wonder about it, but will something like this really play into whether you accept a career opportunity or not? If so, he says, it may be time to rethink your priorities.

These kinds of things have a way of getting around. This is another example of a smart question that digs for specifics.

Does dating feel like a job interview to you….?

If things don’t click, you won’t be asked on a second date. Companies are more selective now and less likely to overlook a stumble. If you’re taking the time to interview, make a good impression. Even if this may not be the job for you, a connection can be made during the interview that will serve you at some point in the future. Here’s how to have a great interview: Tell the Story Well – People love a good story.

After writing ‘The Art of The Interview’, I realized after interacting with readers that interviewing is completely like dating! You’ve got a first chance to make an impression, and if it’s a good one, you get to go on more dates until you finally get ‘the prize’.

And one of the most common things I hear from them, without a doubt, is passion. It might sound simple enough to demonstrate passion in an interview, but it can actually be fairly tricky. For a recruiter or hiring manager to truly see your passion, you need to show them — not just tell them. And you always have to maintain the right balance between sounding enthusiastic and sounding overeager. So how exactly can you best demonstrate your passion in an interview, and what common mistakes should you avoid?

I turned to the experts for their advice. This will not only make recruiters and hiring managers question the veracity of your responses, but also view you as a little too over-eager. No one wants to be the creepy over-the-top person on a date. For example, when asked why they want to work at a given company, some candidates rave about things like how amazing the office is or what a good reputation the company has.

And if they can talk about how excited they are to apply their specific field of expertise to help us, even better. Listening, responding, then giving space for follow-up questions is key. Sucking up to them will come across as insincere at best or at worst, creepy.

Juan Samuel the first to interview for Phillies managerial job

Subscribe to The Mag Rodgers is unusually cautious. This is evident whenever he opens his mouth. Before he speaks, he pauses, choosing his words like a surgeon plucking instruments from a table. Some of this comes with the territory — all-galaxy quarterback, face of a multibillion-dollar insurance company, vessel for an entire state’s hopes and dreams — but it rarely feels calculated.

Sep 07,  · 3. Make your interest personal, not generic. Ask questions and express a genuine interest. Your interviewer wants to feel you want this job, not a job. 4. Use flattery. I’ll admit it, when a candidate says complimentary things about the company and the interview process, I like it.

Psychologists are discovering what makes work meaningful — and how to create value in any job. That’s often one of the first questions people ask when they meet someone new — not surprising given that most adults spend most of their waking hours at work and that our jobs can influence our lives even outside the workplace. Our work can be a big part of our identity and offer insights into what is important to us, making it a rich area of psychological study.

Several recent studies have concentrated on a particular aspect of work: Through their research, experts have gleaned new insights, showing that meaningful work is good for the worker and for the company — and that even employees in tiresome jobs can find ways to make their duties more meaningful. Losing work can make people pretty unhappy, too,” says Michael F. Steger, PhD, an associate professor of counseling psychology and applied social psychology at Colorado State University.

More than job satisfaction

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They both can be very awkward for all involved, but if you approach a job interview like a first date from both sides then you will have a better handle of the interview, and the familiar flow will make it seem like second nature (even if it still is awkward).

Oh yes, I remember — I was having a bad day! It says on your CV that you do voluntary work Well, when I have time, yes! I do work at a centre for children with difficulties, yes That must be very interesting Sarah, can you tell us a little bit about your current position? So this post would be quite a change then Why are you thinking of moving on?

How to Respond to an Email Invitation to Interview

Joyce When an interviewer asks you if you have any questions during a job interview, this is your opportunity to do three important things: Collect information about the job and the employer that is important to you — the things that will help you determine whether or not you will accept a job offer if one is given. Demonstrate to the interviewer that you have done some research about them — that you are actually interested in the job, not just wasting time.

Demonstrate that you are a good fit for the job and for the organization and would be an asset, if they can convince you to accept a job offer. Read 50 Questions to Ask in a Job Interview for suggestions on good questions to ask.

There are lots of successful women looking for suitable dating partners. However, women often treat dating as though they are interviewing an applicant for a job. Men know when they are being.

They may be too polite to do it in front of you, but their eyes are roooolllllllllinggggg. Of such is hilarity made in the HR break room. If you have any intellectual honesty, you’ll tell them what your weaknesses are, and how you are genuinely changing them as evidenced by And as with dating someone, if they don’t like you for who you are, then they are not going to be good employers for you, and you might as well not get involved.

Although I know everyone thinks they’re so exceptional that they can ignore this advice. OK, date that bad boy, take the job that isn’t the best fit for you, and see how it goes. But don’t say I didn’t warn ya. It helped me to know if they could handle the job they were applying to. My favorites I have ever heard: I function well under stress but when a job is slow I get lazy. I get annoyed when people don’t do their fair share and it shows. When I’m bored I goof off. When I’m embarrassed or angry, I have a hard time hiding it.

I interviewed people for 10 years, the ones who got very coveted jobs from me were honest with me, not trying to spin themselves.

Which is worse: a job interview or a first date?

Are you going on a job interview soon? Use this thorough checklist to guide you through the interview-preparation process and move you closer to successfully attaining the job you seek. Job Interview Checklist for Jobseekers: Conducted research so I know all interview logistics, such as parking, office location, paperwork, attire, and the type of interview that will be conducted. I have called to confirm the interview time.

Good interviewing techniques, like dating advice, can increase your chances of avoiding the bad breakup. So why is a job interview like a date? Check out these six tips for success in your.

You can find out a lot about the culture of a company before the interview. If you feel the culture aligns well with your own preferences and abilities, make it clear in the interview. A too-general answer that could apply to any company. Most of my interview coaching clients make this mistake. An unenthusiastic answer that makes the interviewer wonder if you really want the job. You want to convince the interviewer that you are excited about the idea of working for his company.

Also, a good friend of the family has been working in corporate finance at JP Morgan for the last two years and he told me that the culture supports learning and development on the job — and really rewards hard work. In this case, the candidate is interviewing for a very well-known firm.

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