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An Evolution in Tone Vox Custom amps offer 2 channels: Normal and Top Boost. Each channel is equipped with its own Volume control, and the Top Boost channel offers highly interactive Treble and Bass tone controls. This powerful channel pairing provides an abundance of tone-crafting control, letting you dial in a classic sound that is all your own. Both channels share master Tone Cut and Volume controls. The Tone Cut control operates in the power stage rather than the preamp stage, allowing an additional degree of tone shaping. The Master Volume control works in conjunction with the individual volumes of each channel to create just the right degree of gain staging.

Troy Van Leeuwen

Van Leeuwen began playing music at a young age and started playing guitar at age During this time, Van Leeuwen also worked as a session musician for various bands and met guitarist Billy Howerdel , who later recruited Van Leeuwen to play guitar in his and Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan ‘s alternative rock supergroup A Perfect Circle. The band’s debut album Mer De Noms became the highest ever debut for a rock band, with , copies sold in its first week.

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Many muscians have found that by upgrading the stock speakers and valves that they have improved the sound of their amplifier. This is very relevant to the new Vox range of custom classic amplifiers where they are fitted with a Wharfdale or other such low cost speaker. By upgrading the speaker to a Celestion that would have been originally fitted to the Vox amplifiers they have improved the sonic and tonal definition of these fine amplifiers.

Many people have found that the Cryo treated valves have helped them find their sonic signature. By upgrading the valves to selected Cryo valves they have noticed the additional benefits such as better clarity, larger and improved sound stage with increased reliability. Here we have listed our most common upgrades giving you the opportunity to enjoy a valve and speaker upgrade at a greatly reduced cost. If you unit is not fiited with a Celestion Blue then you are not going to get the sound that this amp is capable of delivering.

The Harma ECC83 Retros provide a harmonically rich and detailed sound with a 3D midrange warmth that produces a huge sustaining tone. The outstanding feature of this valve is it smooth linear midrange response and extended frequency response so you get smooth warm overdrive with tight fat punchy lows. The EL84 Retro has a deep well defined tight bass that produces the classic slam of the Mullard in the bottom end.

The midrange performance has been tweeked to provide warm clear detail at low volumes with clear articulation and smooth even distortion when the amplifier is cranked.

What does vox mean, NOT THE AMPLIFIER??

The guy says it is 30 years old which puts it around the mid 80s. I’ve seen this claim before because a lot of the AC30s show power consumption as W. Anyway, I’m not interested in it, but think I will just drop the guy a line and say about the W bit as that might actually put people off. AC30 is 30 watt. The guy is in Derby and it turns out his name is Steve.

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This puts it amongst the longest running Beatles Tribute Shows in the world. It is certainly the most imitated Beatles Show down under and we are truly flattered. The Beatnix show includes fully authentic musical instruments similar to those used by The Beatles. The drums are identical to the ones used by Ringo, a ‘s model Ludwig Black Oyster Pearl kit complete with Zildjian cymbals, The Beatnix have the real vintage equipment.

This combined with a range of early period Beatle costumes and the colourful Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band outfits give you the complete Beatles experience. You will believe you are seeing the real Beatles. Domestically they have done them all from large venues ie. The Basement, numerous weddings and birthday parties including shows on Sydney Harbour cruise boats and even a party for 50 people in a back garden setting in Surry Hills.

The Beatnix have also been professionally recorded on the noteable “It’s for you” lost Beatles tracks album, “Stairways to Heaven” with the “Money or the Gun” album and numerous T.

Vox Valve & Speaker Upgrades Cryo / VOX AC15 CC1 1 x 12 BLUE 15 OHM CLASSIC CRYO KIT

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Biography[ edit ] Van Leeuwen has a Dutch surname he has ancestors from the Netherlands and has described himself as a third-generation American. His first big influence in learning how to play rock came through listening to Led Zeppelin records. Playing drums initially, Van Leeuwen sought to imitate Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham , [3] but later switched to guitar and discovered that he had an aptitude for it.

He cites Jimmy Page as a big influence: I would have to say that Jimmy Page was the first influence I had as a guitar player. There were so many textures and different sounds that he got. The riffs that he made were undeniably great. Every one of them. Even the mistakes he made were great. So to me, that was a great first influence.

Jester released an EP, which is the earliest and most rare recording of a year-old Van Leeuwen.

Music History Week 4 – MusicHistoryWeek4…

When Noel was 18 he proposed to his then girlfriend Diane but they never got married and eventually split up. In Gallagher moved out of his family home to live with his girlfriend at the time – Louise Jones. He lived with her for 6 years. They had a stormy relationship splitting up several times, only to get back together again a couple of days later.

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Should you disagree, which is your right, just get used to the idea that you’re wrong and we’ll get along fine. So many amps, so little time Visual Sound founder Bob Weil on the 1 SPOT Serious rock music was perceived as being so far beyond the normal human experience that fans eagerly embraced the notion that it was created, played and best enjoyed on drugs.

Enter the drug culture and psychedelic rock Attitude, altitude, and it don’t always pay so good.

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The VOX Hand-Wired Series relies on the painstaking technique of turret board hand-wiring — a method requiring a high level of skill and craftsmanship — is used, resulting in wiring that’s beautiful in its artistry, ensuring an efficient signal path with minimal loss and no restriction in amplitude. A replaced mains transformer and choke, and replacement capacitors and resistors in part too. No serial number plate or warning plaque on the new back panel. At some stage in the amp’s life, one of the main filter capacitors blew, and the plate resistors caught fire, flaming out part of the tagboard.

The sockets on the backboards are old style replacements for the Amphenols evidently removed some time ago. Resident in Sweden from the late s, perhaps earlier. See picture 14, reversed to show the reflection of the code the right way round. Rounded corners on the box for the original back panel still, but double-pin corner protectors.

But with a few repairs here and there – apparently made three years ago – the amp now runs well, good and loud. Rounded corners to the back panel; but double-pin corner protectors. The pictures show the chassis stripped back, more or less, to original parts – an attempt was made some years ago to turn the amp into a 60 watter – but it was not successful. The advert was repeated in “Beat Monthly” magazine, March The push to promote the new AC50 and AC was clearly on.

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His first instrument was the drums, but after realizing that he could not sound like his idol John Bonham of Led Zeppelin , [4] he switched to playing guitar at age Jester released an EP, which is the earliest and most rare recording of a year-old Van Leeuwen. He then played in a small band called Little Boots, with which he recorded a number of demos and played a few shows before the band’s breakup. His next band was 60 Cycle, which released their debut “Pretender” in , and their self titled album the following year.

It was during his time in 60 Cycle that Van Leeuwen met Kellii Scott, and the two started working on a project later to be known as Enemy. Van Leeuwen went on to play in Failure.

Well, Webb and I have always been fans of Hiwatts, Marshall and Vox amps, but they are usually too loud for the rooms we play, and we were instantly impressed by how versatile the Dr. Z amps were, producing that kind of Hiwatt/AC50 sound, but with a master volume that makes them more usable.

Los Angeles, California My experience with the AC30s clean headroom is that it runs out if it quickly. Great amp that dirties up early with a fat warm drive, but the “chimey cleans” go away pretty quickly. If you’re being mic’ed and use pedals for gain, you can have the best of both worlds. On it’s own, the volume needed to play with a hard hitting drumner and another guitar player and bass, you can run out of headroom fast, and trying to use a boost for solos will more likely muddy things up than make it louder.

I’ve tried different speakers including the Celestion Blues, lower gain preamp tubes, different rated power tubes, and even setting the amp on top of the roadcase. Great amp, just didn’t work out for me in that application. JTM s can sound drastically different with the number of speakers and what size they are. They also don’t have the same ability to get a “full” sound at lower volumes, and are very dependent on finding the “sweet spot. Power scaling, added master volume, and attenuattors can help to get that sound at a more managable level, as the “sweet spots” on Marshalls tend to be quite loud.

Either amp might work-or not-for what you want to accomplish, but you may want to check out a Fender Bassman or Super if they are available. If you plan on using pedals for all of your dirt needs, you might look into a Fender Twin Reverb, headroom for days and some of the best reverb to ever come in an amp. Plug in a closed back to set the Twin on, and you’ll have an extremely versatile setup with all the headroom and volume you could ever want and certainly more volume than you’d ever need.

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